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    Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

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    A beautiful life begins with a beautiful mind

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Important Notice


" Service Before Self "

At DPS Pataudi, we aspire to create a fun and stimulating learning environment for each student where every day seems like a magical voyage of discovery to them. Our astounding and accomplished teachers aim at nurturing and maximizing every student’s potential through a high quality and enjoyable learning experience.

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    Best wishes
    Mr. V.K. Shunglu

    Chairman DPS Society

    DPS Pataudi, Gurugram is a distinguished value addition to the global chain of Delhi Public Schools. Its inception aims to carry the DPS legacy forward by envisioning and fructifying an institution that aims at delivering purposeful education, holistic excellence and positivity in every child's life. The essence of DPS Pataudi's philosophy is woven around the aspirations, accomplishments and dreams of students.

    The motto of DPS Schools is "Service before Self". We aim at giving back to the society caring and compassionate human beings who will take the country forward. Our teachers focus on enabling students to fulfill their individual dreams and to remain at the forefront in shaping the world of tomorrow. They keep a perceptive eye on every student thereby focusing on individual needs.

    At DPS, we profoundly believe that every child is remarkable and deserves to be nurtured with love, care and values. It has always been our motive to inspire children to become leaders, thinkers and problem solvers of tomorrow and we have been successful in accomplishing it. I am very well aware of the potential of our faculty and am certain that DPS Pataudi will meet the highest goals and expectations of the DPS Society.

    I wish the Principal and her team all the success.

    Best wishes

    Mr. V.K. Shunglu
    Chairman, DPS Society

  • Best Wishes
    Principal DPS Pataudi

    I extend a warm welcome to you and your child to the DPS family. DPS Pataudi is the germination of a seed of thought that was conceived long years ago with the setting up of the first Delhi Public School. It is the fruition of a dream to provide an education which meets global needs to each child desirous of achievement and expansion of knowledge.

    Our school will provide education catering to multiple intelligences by engaging them in the seven ways of learning through stimulating activities that focus on intrapersonal, interpersonal, spatial, linguistic, kinesthetic, musical and mathematical needs. The thrust will focus on academics beyond the curriculum in order to create a thinking individual who is a gift to humanity. This liberal education will help students to rise above stereotype mindsets and equip them to acquire a glocal outlook. Our core educational values remain based on age old precepts of education, but have been molded to meet the challenges of the years ahead.

    Knowledge is acquired through observation, reflection and experimentation. Our state-of-the art infrastructure will provide opportunities for all three through hands on learning. This infrastructure is the body while the student and teacher fraternity are the soul. Our teaching methodology focuses on the visual, auditory and kinesthetic styles of learning, such that the teaching-learning process is a joyful, gainful, liberating and exhilarating experience.

    With a strong parent and school partnership, we aim to transform students in such a way that they attain all round growth to become physically fit, mentally resilient, morally strong and spiritually sound.

    Best wishes
    Principal, DPS Pataudi


Milestone of architectural innovation

DPS Pataudi is an institution where your child would love to grow. We have architected one of the most innovative school campuses, keeping in mind the needs of each and every student. Our facilities provide ample opportunities for learning and study; sports and recreation; exploration and discovery.

Ventilated Environment

State of the art equipment

Information Technology

Co- curricular Activities

Perfect blend of academics and Co-curricular activities

An all-round growth of every individual is one of the prime objectives of DPS. We encourage our students to take part in Creative Learning programme that includes art and design, creative writing, music, drama, dance and ballet, debate, public speaking, and more. At DPS, your child also gets the opportunity to play 20 sports activities supported by world-class facilities and an inspirational line-up of coaches.





All round care

Comprehensive care for every child

At DPS, we not only nurture your child academically but also physically. Our teachers and staff are very well aware of the fact that good health plays a vital role in learning and cognitive ability. Hence, we ensure that your child's health is at peak by organizing frequent health check-up camps and encouraging healthy habits among kids through our teaching.