DPS Society

“Service Before Self” is our motto and we are committed to making a better world with the values of compassion, empathy, responsibility and caring.

DPS Society is reputed for its progressive approach, with a commitment to encourage students to be global citizens by sensitizing them to concerns such as environment conservation and respect for other cultures. We promote the growth of mind, body and spirit through quality education.






Staff & Students

First established in 1949, today we have proliferated to over 200 schools (approx.), covering the length and breadth of India and have established a strong presence in the Gulf countries as well as in Nepal and Singapore. The schools are governed by a nerve center - the DPS Society which ensures the highest standards and facilitates networking between its teachers, students, and trainers. It has thereby created for all its schools a formidable think tank and immense human resources. The DPS Society ensures that all its schools have a well-designed, integrated curriculum for the pursuit of excellence.

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    Mr. B. K. Chaturvedi

    Chairman DPS Society

    DPS Pataudi, Gurugram is a distinguished value addition to the global chain of Delhi Public Schools. Its inception aims to carry the DPS legacy forward by envisioning and fructifying an institution that aims at delivering purposeful education, holistic excellence and positivity in every child's life. The essence of DPS Pataudi's philosophy is woven around the aspirations, accomplishments and dreams of students.

    The motto of DPS Schools is "Service before Self". We aim at giving back to the society caring and compassionate human beings who will take the country forward. Our teachers focus on enabling students to fulfill their individual dreams and to remain at the forefront in shaping the world of tomorrow. They keep a perceptive eye on every student thereby focusing on individual needs.

    At DPS, we profoundly believe that every child is remarkable and deserves to be nurtured with love, care and values. It has always been our motive to inspire children to become leaders, thinkers and problem solvers of tomorrow and we have been successful in accomplishing it. I am very well aware of the potential of our faculty and am certain that DPS Pataudi will meet the highest goals and expectations of the DPS Society.

    I wish the Principal and her team all the success.

    Best wishes

    Mr. B. K. Chaturvedi
    Chairman, DPS Society