Club Names

Each and every school student is compulsorily a member of at least one club. The clubs are:

  • The Mathematics Club:

    “The Math-o Magic Club”
  • The Sports Club:

    “The Unconquerables”
  • The Environment Club:

    “The Green Crusaders”
  • The Language Club:

    “The Literati Club”
  • The Community Outreach Club:

    “The Dexterous Hands Club”
  • The Quiz Club:

    “The Bright Sparks”
  • The Reading Club:

    “The Superlatives”
  • The Music and Dance Club:

    “The Limelights”
  • The Art and Craft Club:

    “The Creative Pods”
  • The I.T. Club:

    “The Dot Slash Club”