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Special Assembly: Satrarambh

The first day at school was a celebration in itself. It began with a Special Assembly which was presided over by the Principal, Ms. Meera Mathur. It commenced with an invocation of blessings from the Gods above.

All attendees recited the school prayer and took the school pledge in perfect unison. In her welcome address, the Principal acquainted the students with the 70 year old history of the Delhi Public School Society. She spoke about the vision and planning behind bringing a DPS branch to Pataudi, the school mission and the goals for the year ahead. She said that the students of the first session should be conscious of their responsibility and take up the challenge of bringing glory to the institution. She exhorted the students to be trailblazers and first runners.All the students were excited about their new beginning.

Note: The literal meaning of Satrarambh is Satra-New Year and Aarambh- a beginning.