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Workshop for Students: Being Environment wise with "I Am Gurugram"

A workshop for the students of V to VIII was held in the school by Ms. Anjali Khatri and Ms. Veena Padmanadha, the representatives of an NGO, "I Am Gurugram".

The school has pledged to support their programme of planting one million trees in Gurugram. This drive will commence during the monsoon. In the meanwhile, the resource persons taught the students about zero wastage, composting, saving water and shunning plastic bags by promoting the use of reusable bags like cotton and jute ones. The workshop was three pronged and focussed on ‘Carry on your Bag’, “Reduction of Plastic’ and ‘Composting’. The students pledged that they would reduce consumerist demands and that they would reuse and recycle whenever possible. They promised to create awareness amongst shopkeepers and consumers about the harmful effects of the polythene and polypropylene bags used these days.The interactive workshop featured a PPT, informative videos demonstrating composting and a street play by students. The workshop made the students confident about their ability to make a change. It taught them that charity begins at home and that each individual should proudly assert , ”I Am Gurugram” so that they do not depend on others to take care of the environment but instead begin contributing to the change as individuals.