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Smart Class Training

We, at DPS Pataudi, believe in providing the latest cutting edge technology such that the teaching-learning process is dynamic and inspirational. All the classes in the school are Smart Board enabled.

Smart Boards are interactive whiteboards and come with a computer and an over head projector which help to transform the class into a magical and fun learning environment by bringing the world into the class room. They use touch detection and have user inputs. The tech has pre loaded content comprising of ice breakers, lesson content, pictures, illustrations, maps, videos, games, quizzes and recapitulation modules.

While all the school teachers are already well trained in IT, they were given a week long training for using the smart class optimally. The teachers praised the concept as it enhances teaching by providing them with flexibility, the opportunity to interact with learners and ready access to resources. The best part is that this technology is environmental friendly as it reduces the need to write, print and photocopy.