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Red Letter Day

The Infant Wing observed a Red Letter Day on the 5th of May.

The unembroidered meaning of the term is any day of special significance or opportunity. The practice of marking important days in red colour began as early as 509-27 BC and it continues to this day. The school decided to have a fun day by playing on this term. Infants came dressed in red colour and carried red fruits for consumption. Innovative mothers sportingly prepared red coloured snacks as well as cold drinks like Roohafza. Children learnt about healthy food and drinks. They shared why they loved the colour red or which was their favourite red fruit in brief “Show and Tells”. They also learnt a ‘Red’ poem. While all of them dressed very creatively, Lilliputian Chinmay Asija from Nursery won hearts with his enthusiastic portrayal of Colgate toothpaste.