Beyond Academics


DPS Pataudi aims at the all-round development of each student. We want to nurture responsible global citizens who are proud of their cultural heritage; and yet are comfortable with other cultures and people.

Encouraging our students to respect the environment, develop a social conscience and give something back to society is the vital part of our teaching philosophy.

We have a unique, secular, programme that builds the foundation of character and values in students so they become upright and compassionate citizens with a strong work ethic, self-discipline and the personal enterprise to meet the world’s challenges and achieve fulfillment in life.







Public Speaking


Language Lab

Foreign Language

Community & Service Programme

Field Trips

DPS Pataudi also has a Creative Learning programme that includes art and design, creative e-writing, music, drama, dance, debate, public speaking, and more, such that students gain a holistic well-rounded education. All students participate in whole school drama productions, learn a musical instrument, and create productions in the TV, Radio, and Multimedia studios.